Interactive webinars that provide value for their travel trade attendees!

Whether it’s a single webinar or a webinar series, if you need to provide an online product update, an online press conference, an online round-table event, or a panel discussion, we can provide you with a convincing technique and a global travel trade database that helps you drive registration and turn your webinar into an event.

Online Product Update

The entry requirements for your travel product have changed and you need to explain the new procedures to your international trade partners. Our webinar solution is tailored to meet your needs. All you need to do is provide us with the relevant content and we will take it from there.

Online Press Conference

Do you have an announcement to make for media partners but no time or budget to visit the source market? Our webinar solution is tailored to meet your needs. Let us know your content and what media you are targeting and we will organize the rest.

Roundtable Discussion

Do you want to invite key trade partners (e.g., tour operators) to get first-hand information on how they evaluate your product and discuss business opportunities with them? Our webinar solution is scalable in terms of presenters and attendees to meet every need. Share your ideas with us and we will design the right format for you.